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Empowering Readers to do More of the Work

Morning Session
Who's Doing the Work?: How to Say Less So Readers Can Do More
This workshop teaches teachers to examine their instruction and identify places where they are doing the work for students, creating dependency and interfering with student growth. Simple adjustments to instruction can lead to powerful shifts in student engagement and empower students to do the work of becoming better readers. This workshop addresses the following:
• Who is doing most of the work in my classroom? How do I know?
• How do I do less of the work and let students do more?
• How do I develop lessons that give students more responsibility for the work?
• How does student empowerment connect to the gradual release of responsibility?
• What language can I use to give students more responsibility for the work?
• How can I engage students across the gradual release of responsibility?

Afternoon session
Jumpstarting Readers When They Plateau: Maximizing Connections Between Shared and Guided Reading
In the afternoon session, we will continue the mornings work and examine some of the specific reasons readers plateau as well as ways to address these barriers. We will present shared reading and guided reading strategies, reimagined to optimize the connections between the two and engaging students in constructing meaning from text without creating teacher dependency. Participants will gain practical solutions to common instructional challenges and begin to see that by better connecting the work across the gradual release, we can help children negotiate increasingly complex text. Teachers will leave with practical ideas and lessons they can use immediately with their students.

Fee: $150 per person for the first 1/4 of a school’s teachers (using teacher count listed on the MN Report Card’s Staffing Profile on MDE’s website). Once a school sends 1/4 of their teachers, each additional person is $75.
Target Audience:


Start Date: 6/23/2017
End Date: 6/23/2017
Time: 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Location: Lakes Country Service Cooperative
Administrative CEU's: Yes
Clock Hours: Yes
Post Secondary Credit Offered: No
Registration Deadline: 06/16/2017
Fees: Per Person-  $150.00